Nikolai Kravtsov

Honored Russian Worker of Arts, professor, candidate of Art Criticism, dean of Saint Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, laureate of "Golden Book of Motherland"

Николай Кравцов

:accordions "ZONTA" of series "ZK" are the most modern in the world. They allow not only reproducing any note texts of bayan, organ, or clavier compositions, but also adding to timbre wealth and true harmony into them. Sound palette is provided by the remarkable unity of all plank chord parts that are hand-made slats of Belarusian and Italians masters. The students of my class and those of profresor V.I. Golubnichiy (Nizhniy Novgorod) have already won a number of international competitions playing these instruments, where their opponents were playing the instruments of the most famous firms:

Nikolai Sevryukov

Honored artist of the Republic of Belarus , professor

Николай Севрюков

":After 30 years' concert activity playing the bayan "JUPITER" I acquired an instrument even better. "ZONTA" in acoustics characteristics and dynamic range is up to standard with the world-best samples and in the ratio of "price to quality" is beyond comparison :

Vladislav Pligovka

Winner of numerous international competitions

Владислав Плиговка

"ZONTA" is the champion! All my victories are the victories of "ZONTA"!

Yuri Tarasenok

Winner of international competitions, accordionist of the group "APPARATCHICK"

Юрий Тарасенок

"ZONTA" sounds as magnificent on the stage as in the hall of "Komische Opera" in Berlin !"

Alexander Chuyev

Winner of numerous international competitions

Александр Чуев

"ZONTA" is from Greek "Sirtaki" till Gubaidullina! Everything sounds wonderful!"

Trofim Antipov

Winner of international competitions, art-director of the trio "Liritsa"

Трофим Антипов

"ZONTA" is a sensitive accompanist and a bright soloist. It is an excellent instrument for playing in the company and for solo performances!"

Tsyao Tszyan

Winner of international competitions

Цяо Цзянь

"ZONTA" conquered China as well! None of the Chinese accordionists has the instrument with such splendid possibilities. I am happy!"