Line "Grand"

Concert bayans with 64 notes on the right keyboard and 58 notes on the left the selective keyboard, the sizes of the case 460х230 (220) х460, with 15 registers in the right keyboard. Consists of two systems - "Converter" (ready-selectable left keyboard) and "Standard" (with a ready accompaniment in the left keyboard).

Line "Medium"

It differs from the GRAND line in body dimensions (430х230х460), weight, number of notes and the range in the right (58 notes) and the left selection keypad (51 notes), has a maximum of 13 registers on the right keyboard. Also consists of two systems - "Converter" (ready-elected) and "Standard" (ready-made).

Line "Pioner"

It differs from GRAND and MEDIUM lines with the smallest dimensions of the body - 400х220х440mm, weight, number of notes and the range in the right (52 notes) and the left selectable keyboard (48). Also consists of two systems - "Converter" (ready-elected) and "Standard" (ready-made).

Line "Mini"

The smallest musical instruments are "Zonta". They have 3 and 5-row keyboards in the right hand. Ready or elective mechanics in the left hand. The range of 46 notes - from the MI of the small octave to the RE Diez 4 octaves is designed for beginning musicians, primary school pupils of music schools.

It is impossible to imagine the Belarusian culture without a musical folk instrument. After all, without it there is not a single national holiday, not a single national celebration, whether it's a pool, carols, a wedding, a birthday. Bayan sounds in schools, palaces and houses of culture, in large concert halls of educational institutions and philharmonic societies.

Buy a button accordion in Belarus today is very simple - to visit the factory "Zonta" and order any model of bayan, which the musicians do, because the popularity of the instrument does not die out. All musical schools of the country teach the game on this instrument, contributing to the revival of Belarusian traditions and culture. Professional training bayanists get into the musical colleges and higher educational institutions of the culture of the republic. Therefore, all models, on which young and mature musicians perfect their skills, are very popular.

Buy a new accordion directly at the production of LLC "Zonta" and our regional representatives. Here you will find a wide range of models As for professional bayanists, and for beginning musicians. Models bayans "Zonta" are presented in the range. And if you liked a model that is not available, then we will easily produce it specially for you under the order. The price of the accordion depends on the model, the quality of materials and the level of skill of the manufacturers.

Come to the factory "Zonta", check the sound of the selected models and find the instrument to your liking. We are always happy when our customers perform music on our accordions and always help not only to acquire a worthy musical instrument, but also to organize the corresponding service throughout the entire period of operation of our bayans. All consultants our production - practicing professional musicians, bayanists, who are selflessly in love with the accordion. Open your soul to meet the music and choose your favorite button accordion "Zonta".