LLC “Zonta” is situated in the town of Molodechno , which is seventy kilometers far from Minsk , the capital of the Republic of Belarus . It is the very centre of Europe . Producing bayans and accordions of high quality is the main and the only activity of the enterprise. Instruments are developed and produced according to the modern technologies. Design decisions of actions of the left and right keyboards under computer working out guarantee long-term excellent operation. The design of instruments which fully corresponds to the demands of modern standards in the branch of ergonomics meets the highest requirements. Bayans produced under the label “Zonta” were developed in close connection with the best world-famous professional accordionists and specialists such as V. Semyonov, N. Kravtsov ( Russia ), N. Sevryukov ( Belarus ), V, Zubitski, V. Besfamilny (the Ukraine) and I. Pikhura (Poland).

A wide scale of instruments that can satisfy the demand of any customer from a musical student till a professor of Musical Academy has been developed and is being produced at present. Thus, instruments of the system “CONVERTOR” having ready-chosen left action of the line “GRAND”, models ZB15 and ZB16 are meant for professional performers and students of higher educational establishments. Models ZB20 and ZB23 of the line “MEDIUM” are meant for students of colleges and the upper grades students of musical schools. Models of “PIONEER” line ZB30 and ZB33 are meant for the smallest performers. The bayans of the system “STANDARD” with the ready bass, models ZB12; ZB22; ZB14 and ZB24 are destined for variety accompaniments and folk groups. All instruments are produced having five-row right keyboard (with the fret board “A”, “B” or “C”) and either European or Russian system on the chosen left keyboard. If the customer wishes the right voice half of a bayan is made with a lump chord (produced in Italy or in Czech Republic ) as well as with all plank hand-made chord. The left bass half of the instrument has all plank chord and noiseless action in all the models.

The construction of the action for an accordion of “Kravtsov” system was developed in close contact with N. Kravtsov, the famous Russian musician. At the moment we are the only ones in the world who produces accordions with 55 notes on the right keyboard.

The bayans were created by the golden hands of loving and experienced makers. And they are played by such performers as Honored artist of the Republic of Belarus professor Nikolai Sevryukov (Belarus), professor Ari-Matti Saira (Finland), professor Yaromir Zamesnick (Czech Republic), the winner of international competitions Alexander Chuyev (Greece), winners of numerous international competitions Vladislav Pligovka, the Antipovs brothers Trofim and Anton (Belarus), accordionists of State National Folk Chorus of the Republic of Belarus named after Tsitovich, accordionists of Folk Companies “Khoroshki”, “Spadchina”, “Svayaki” and many other famous performers. The “Zonta” bayan sounded in Berlin opera during the opening of World Football Championship as well as at the music classes at school in the town of Hvalso , Denmark .

The words of professor Nikolai Sevryukov, Chief of Bayan and Accordion Chair of Belarusian Academy of Music, who played the Moscow's “JUPITER” for more than 30 years but is playing the bayan produced by our enterprise are as follow: “… judging by the acoustics' construction bayan “ZONTA” is identical to the well-known bayan “JUPITER” which has made a good showing of itself. Fundamentally new construction decisions in the course of development of systems of left and right actions led to the possibility of making an instrument with high technical characteristics. Outward appearance of instruments which combines traditional forms and the latest design trends meets the most exquisite requirements. The use of all plank chord, made by the best Belarusian masters, lets bayans “ZONTA” be up to standard with the world-best samples in acoustics characteristics. Analyzing the market of bayans we can point out that bayans “ZONTA” are beyond comparison in the ratio of “price to quality” today…”

LLC “ZONTA” will be glad to cooperate with all the musicians from beginners to professionals. Make your choice and be aware of the fact that all your wishes will be taken into account and you will really get an instrument of high quality. “The best reward for us is musicians' trust,” say the masters of LLC “ZONTA”.